Gen-Eye Pipe Location System

General Tools

Pipe Location System

Line Capacity:
3" to 12"
Maximum Distance:
380(H) x 350(V)
537(H) x 505(V)
3 Lux
16 Ultra Bright LED's
VCR Video Format:
Push-Rod Diameter:
Slip Ring:
Litton Mercury-free capsule
110v/60hz AC, 12VDC
Operating Temperature:
14(F to 122 ° F)
Reel and Frame Dimensions:
26 1/2" L x 7" W x 33" H 50 lbs.
TV/VCR Case Dimensions:
13" L x 12 1/2" W x11 1/2" H 39 lbs)
Camera Dimensions:
2 1/4" x 1 7/6" Diameter
Operating Modes/Frequency:
Camera Locator/512 hz
Pipe Locator/66hz
Power Line Locator/60hz
Dynamic Range:
92 db
Depths of up to 20 ft. Depth Range:
20 ft
10 ft. in cast iron pipe
Search Antennas:
2 Dual wound symmetrical response.
LCD Digital Signal Readout, graphic display, audible tone, digital depth indicator, battery status.
Locator Weight:
4.8 lbs.
Locator Batteries:
12 AA (30 hours of life at 68 ° F)

Gen-Eye Pipe Locator with Push Button Depth Finder

Shock Resistant Diagnostic Center

Have you ever dug up the flower bed and driveway only to find the problem was somewhere else? A mistake costs you time, money and your reputation.

When you find the broken pipe wouldn't it be nice to know whether to use a shovel or a backhoe? With the push of a button the Gen-Eye Pipe Locator will instantly tell you the depth of the pipe down to the inch. No triangulation required. You can locate cast iron pipe to a depth of 10 ft. and plastic and clay pipe to 2O ft.

Underground Camera

Using high tech digital technology not analog meters the Gen-Eye Locator lets you know exactly where the pipe is. No guess work involved. The LCD display panel gives you a digital signal read out as well as a graphic display and an audible tone. A broad range of sensitivity settings lets you home in to the exact location of the transmitter.

The Gen-Eye Locator can locate almost anything underground with its built in three way signal finder. You can locate the Gen-Eye camera even when its deep underground inside cast iron pipe. When you turn on the locator, it looks for a 512 Hz signal transmitted from the Gen-Eye camera. Switch to the 65Khz signal when you're looking for high resistance conductors and larger diameter pipes. You can even locate live power lines, fiber optic lines and CATV cables in the 60 Hz mode without using an external transmitter.

See for yourself why the Gen-Eye Pipe Inspection/Location System is right for you.

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