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For inside jobs, with a 100 foot capacity

Six inch wheels and a telescoping handle make this an easy machine to move around, and it handles practically any inside job. The drum holds 100 feet by 1/2" of General's exclusive Flexicore Cable that's tough enough to clear stoppages even in four inch lines. An inexpensive Spin-Feed attachment gives you an easy way to feed cables. Just turn the Spin-Feed handle to drive or retract cable, like reeling in a fishing line. If you want to use small diameter cables, get the Slide-On Snakentainer. It quickly slips into the spout of the machine and enables you to clear lines as small as 1 1/4" in diameter.

Model Typical applications For use in pipe sizes Maximum capacity Maximum distance Operating weight Motor horsepower
Sewerooter Jr. Small drains, inside work, on roofs (not for roots) 1 1/4" thru 3" 100 ft. x 1/2" 200 ft 104 lbs. 1/2

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