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Speed Rooter

Big job, small job, ALL job machine

This machine uses two different sized drums, one with 1/2" cable and one with 3/4" cable, enabling it to handle two inch through ten inch lines. Capacity of large drum is 100 feet of 5/8" or 75 feet of 3/4" cable. As with Sewerooter Senior, the Speedrooter has a see-through inner drum cage that prevents cable tangling and an air-actuated foot pedal. Optional power cable feed takes most of the muscle work out of drain cleaning because it has the pulling power to get your cable out of the line, even on long tough runs. Other features: stair climber skids, a truck loading wheel, and a tool box.

Model Typical applications For use in pipe sizes Maximum capacity Maximum distance Operating weight Motor horsepower
Speedrooter Combination Sewerooter Jr. and Sewerooter Sr. 2" - 10" 75 ft. x 3/4" or 100 ft. x 5/8" 200 ft. 143 lbs. with 75 ft x 5/8" 1/2 hp

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