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The Small Drain Specialist

For kitchen, bathroom, laundry drains and lines up through 3" in diameter. Has a patented Slide-Action Chuck built right into the grip shield. Just slide it backward to grip cable; forward to release it. Automatically adjusts for different size cables. You get your cable into the line faster, pull it out faster, and have full control at all times. To switch to a different diameter cable, loosen three screws, pull front drum of cable, and load another cartridge. Takes less than a minute and turns what could be a messy job into a clean one. Motor is double insulated, with reverse and variable speed switch

Model Typical applications For use in pipe sizes Maximum capacity Maximum distance Operating weight Motor horsepower
Super-Vee Sinks, bathtubs, roof stacks 1 1/4"-3" 35 ft. x 3/8"   50 ft. x 5/16" 50 ft. 16 lbs. with 25 ft. x 3/8" 2.7 amp

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