Elger: Silk Silk
American Standard: Linen
Briggs, Kohler: Biscuit
Gerber: British Biscuit
Mansfield: Antique Lace
Universal Rundle: White Sand
American Standard, Artesian, Briggs, Gerber, Kilgore, Peerless: Bone
Crane: Bone/Cameo
Mansfield: Classic Bone
Norris: Ivory
Universal Rundle: Mushroom
Crane: Cameo-old
Eljer: Gerber: Wheat
Crane: Almond Nut
Gerber, Kilgore, Kohler: Almond
Mansfield: Natural/Almond
Universal Rundle: Doeskin
Western Pottery: Bone
American Standard: Warm White Bone
Universal Rundle: Cream Bone
Artesian: Parched Sand
Briggs, Kilgore, Kohler, Peerless: Parchment
Gerber: Nutria
Mansfield: Royal Parchment
Norris Papyrus
This Sampler has a wide selection of Manufacturers colors. Colors are produced under strict quality control and are as exact as modern technology can achieve. The color samples herein represent the truest match electronic reproduction allows. They may vary slightly from actual production runs.

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